GoXercise is The NEW Alternative vs. Painful & Extreme Exercise ... It's Your Smooth & Steady Solution to Be Healthy!
Trans4mer Exercise Ball
Trans4mer Kettlebell
Trans4mer Kettlebell 2
Trans4mer Medicine Ball

Trans4mer Exercise Ball Easily Replaces Trans4mer Exercise Ball

  • Medicine Balls
  • Dumb Bells
  • Exercise Balls
  • Kettle Bells
  • And more!

Made with pride in the USA, TRANS4MER delivers the benefits of 20 different pieces of athletic equipment – all in ONE easy-to-use system!

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Whatever Your Fitness Needs, Trans4mer Helps You Do More With Less™

Made in the USA, the Trans4mer helps achieve a variety of fitness goals in one easy to use solution

Experience the benefits of a personal home gym...

in a fraction of the space – for a fraction of the cost!

Trans4mer is helping people nationwide achieve Trans4mational Wellness – whatever your fitness goals may be – from conditioning and strength building to simply improving your overall health.

You save hundreds of dollars, use minimal space, have the freedom of mobility and the power to improve your wellness
with maximum benefits!

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             I find the Trans4mer an amazing piece of fitness equipment that can accomplish so much with so little. Fitness these days needs to be accessible, fun and motivating. Working with at-home clients, small Fire Department Fitness Centers and large-group Fitness classes, with 20-configurations, the Trans4mer makes training-on-the-go a huge success!
- Diane H. Owner
HigherGround Fitness, Inc., Woodstock, IL
GoXercise is The NEW Alternative vs. Painful & Extreme Exercise … It’s Your Smooth & Steady Solution to Be Healthy!