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This $1,800 deductible car expense is missed by most business owners and your costly CPA!

Your car is perhaps one of the biggest and easiest business expenses to claim as a tax deduction for you, the small home business owner.

This car expense is valued at $1,800 on average and its your second biggest car expense, missed by most business owners. Surprisingly overlooked by most CPAs too is your own home garage as a legitimate business expense where you can rent it to your business for the same percentage (%) business use as you claim for your car.

The estimated $1,800 is based on an average of $5 per day for public parking or $150 per month for (12) months = $1,800 annual tax savings to your business!  For more - click here!

Plus, if your small home business is a "pass through" entity (S-Corp, LLC), then you can claim the $1,800 income... Tax-Free because the $1,800 deduction is passed-through to you for $0 taxes... $1,800 Tax-Free income to you, the small home business owner!




$3,500 of Additional Income - Tax Free - Every Year!

As a small home business owner, there is an additional $3,500 of Tax-Free income available to you from your business. Simply doing business at home and this "one activity" and you can easily gain $3,500..

The calculation to determine this amount is:

  • $200 x 14 = $2,800 + ($2,800 x 25%) = $3,500 (or more...)

This money is Tax-Free and just sitting in your business waiting to be realized - click here!




This investment sector is growing & pays 18% dividend yield - Tax Free

If you believe the cost of energy/oil is going to continue to go up over the long term because of increasing demand by developing (BRIC) countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China - then you may want to consider participating in the price appreciation of the energy sector and high-yield dividends of select ETFs, for example:

Whiting USA Trust I (WHX) is a REIT. The Trust was founded in 2007 and is based in Austin, Texas. Whiting USA Trust I operates as a subsidiary of Whiting Petroleum Corp. As a Trust it pays out 90% of its earnings as dividends that give it a high yield of approx. 18%:

Based on this chart, and ALL your investments decisions should be based on charts like these (ref:, the price Support (buy signal) is around $15.50 with price Resistance (sell signal) is around $18.75. These Support and Resistance levels are the lows and highs in a "channel" this ETF trades in, and defines which price point is best to buy and sell at.

Tip: If you use a Financial Advisor/Broker, ask them what the Support & Resistance price levels are for their latest recommended stock or fund - I bet that won't know because they don't care, they just want to take a big expensive fee and commission on your money!

In the chart for WHX above, you can see a big price drop (gap) during mid-November when the fund paid its quarterly dividend of $0.73. This just reflects the market pricing in the dividend payment to the price of the ETF. (Tip: Never buy a fund just before dividend payments!)

Learn more about this energy sector, select ETFs and high-yield dividends - click here!




How to Buy Low and Sell High by Timing the Stock Market:

You can "time the market" if you follow the charts and the "overall sentiment" of the market, if it is bullish (buying) or bearish (selling).

The following chart (QQQ, ref. is a good example of a market fund (ETF) that is following a well defined channel between 50/54 and 59.

The Resistance Level (sell signal) at $59 is defined by (4) repeating peaks where more traders began selling than buying, hence the "sell signal" or a "top"

Likewise, the Support Level (buy signal) at $50 is defined by (3) repeating valleys where more traders began buying than selling, hence the "buy signal" or a "bottom".

Note: The "Old Support Level" at $54, with (3) repeating valleys, was broken in early August which shows that nothing lasts forever and these levels will change over time, especially when "market sentiment" (bullish or bearish) changes.

You can use charts for any stock or fund to track at least 1-years worth of movement to see if they follow a channel with defined tops (resistance levels), and bottoms (support levels) to show you "when" to buy low (at support levels) and "when" to sell high (at resistance levels), hence timing the market!




Marketing Tips:

Improve your Marketing Results by using this Proven AIDA Formula:

This AIDA Formula has been used successfully for years and years in the direct marketing industry and you can see it used often in magazine and newspaper advertising.

The AIDA Formula:

A-Attention: Answer the "What? Question" in your opening headline that appeals to the buying emotions that "avoid pain" and "desire pleasure". For example:

"Avoid Over-Paying Your Taxes and Save Money with These 300+ Tax Deductions for Every Small Business Owner!"

In this example - avoid the pain of "over-paying your taxes" and desire pleasure by "saving money". Also note the use of words like "this" and "these" that create curiosity and pull the reader into your marketing message.

I-Interest: Answer the "How? Question" in the body of your message with up to (3) benefits, advantages and features. Focus on the benefits the reader (you) will get by using your product or service. For example:

It's best to focus on the benefits and advantages of your product or service and avoid the features because they don't help that much to achieve the sale.

Note: Include up to (3) benefits, more than (3) is usually too much for the reader to remember.

D-Desire: Answer the "Why? Question" in the last portion of the body of your message that addresses "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and handle known objections". For example:

In this example - a "because" reason addresses why most CPA's miss this important tax benefit and adds a little humor on the IRS for putting the benefit at the very end of a tax rule.

This is also a great place to "add a bonus" to your offer and "describe your guarantee policy" so there is little to no risk on the buyers part. For example:

  • Buy One and Get One Free when you Buy Now!

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

A-Action: Answer the "Where? Question" at the end of your message that tells the reader exactly where you want them to go - Call Now! - Visit this website today! - Email us at...



Improve the Readership of Your Press Releases with Quantification:

Too many Press Releases (PR) are inwardly focused on hyping the company and not addressing the benefits to you, the customer.

Now you can easily "quantify" the customer benefits and improve your readership, here's how:

  • Count the number "you" and "your" in the PR

  • Count the number of "I, Me, My, We, Our, Us" in the PR

If the number of "you, your" does not exceed the number of "I, me, my, we, our, us", then you need to rewrite your PR. Change wording like "our customer" to simply "you" and read the PR from the customer's perspective and focus on benefits to "you" the customer.

Then repeat the counting process until you have many more "you, your" and then you should get improved readership and business for your products and services. Good Luck!



How To Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Your USP is the very essence of what you are offering. Your USP needs to be so compelling that it can be used as a headline that sells your product or service. Therefore, since you want to optimize all your marketing materials for maximum results, create it before anything else (such as advertisements and marketing copy).

1: Use Your Biggest Benefits:  Clearly describe the 3 biggest benefits of owning your product or service. Let me be blunt. Your prospect doesn't care if you offer the best quality, service, or price.  You have to explain exactly WHY that is important to them. Think in terms of what your business does for your customer and the end-result they desire from a product or service like yours. 

So, what are the 3 biggest benefits you offer? Write them down on a piece of paper... 1.    2.   3. 

2: Be Unique:  The key here is to be unique. Basically, your USP separates you from the competition, sets up a "buying criteria" that illustrates your company is the most logical choice, and makes your product or service the "gotta have" item. (Not your competitor's.)  Write your USP so it creates desire and urgency. Your USP can be stated in your product itself, in your offer, or in your guarantee: 

  • PRODUCT: "A unique baseball swing that will instantly force you to hit like a pro." 

  • OFFER: "You can learn this simple technique that makes you hit like a pro in just 10 minutes of batting practice." 

  • GUARANTEE: "If you don't hit like a pro baseball player the first time you use this new swing, we'll refund your money."

3: Solve An Industry "Pain Point" Or "Performance Gap":  Identify which needs are going unfulfilled within either your industry or your local market. The need or "gap" that exists between the current situation and the desired objectives is sometimes termed a "performance gap". Many businesses that base their USP on industry performance gaps are successful. For example, Dominos Pizza used the "Pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it's free" USP to become wildly successful.This worked because of the need or "gap" in the market - After a long day at work Mom and Dad are too tired to cook. But the kids are starving and don't want to wait an hour! They want pizza NOW. Call Domino's.

So, what are the most frustrating things your customer experiences when working with you or your industry in general? Alleviate that "PAIN" in your USP and make sure you deliver on your promises. Write your ideas on paper now...

4: Be Specific And Offer Proof:  Consumers are skeptical of advertising claims companies make. So alleviate their skepticism by being specific and offering proof when possible.  

5: Condense Into One Clear and Concise Sentence:  The most powerful USPs are so perfectly written, you cannot change or move even a single word. Each word earns you money by selling your product or service. After you get your USP written, your advertising and marketing copy will practically write itself!  Now take all the details about your product/service/offer from the steps above and sculpt them into one clear and concise sentence with compelling salesmanship fused into every single word. 

6:  Integrate Your USP into ALL Marketing Materials: Variations of your USP will be included in the ALL your marketing materials such as your...

  • Advertising and sales copy headlines;

  • Business cards, brochures, flyers, & signs;

  • Your "elevator pitch", phone, and sales scripts;

  • Letterhead, letters, & postcards;

  • Website & Internet marketing.

7: Deliver On Your USP's Promise: Be bold when developing your USP but be careful to ensure that you can deliver. Your USP should have promises and guarantees that capture your audience's attention and compels them to respond to you. Having a strong USP can make your business a big success or a big failure if you don't deliver on it thereby ruining your reputation. In the beginning, it was a challenge for Federal Express to absolutely, positively deliver overnight, but they developed the system that allowed them to deliver the promise consistently. 

Conclusion: Using a powerful USP is the driving force that builds your business success.  Build your USP and use it to optimize your marketing materials for maximum results.


Business Tips:

How to Make Money & Save Taxes with Your Own Small Business:

Like most Americans, if you're the typical wage earner with a W2 income statement, you get only (8-10) tax deductions... that's it!

If you're a small home business owner, you get over 300+ Tax Deductions and save money!

How can you take advantage of the business owner advantages? Simple!

If you have a hobby or a favorite past time where you can sell your favorite product or service, then convert your hobby into a real money-making tax-saving small business!

Examples: Arts & crafts, wood working, electronics, website builder, pet care, special expertise (how to...) and countless other hobbies...

First, validate that what you have as a product or service is sellable. Start simple, ask your friends and family if they will pay money for what you have, a small amount to start and "test" the market. Go to local flea markets, art fairs, trade shows and test to see "how much" people will pay for what you offer. This should cost you very little money, just some spare time. Test it!

Example: Many items sell on the Internet for the magical price of just $19.95, plus a bonus!

Note: One of the easiest businesses is based on your personal expertise where you can become an "Infopreneur" and sell your knowledge from a business website... from anywhere and to anywhere. Plus, the cost is very low and you can use PayPal for processing credit card payments, simple!

Also, watch some of the late night "paid for" 30-minute infomercials and learn what they are selling as products and services to give you an idea of what can be sold (most anything... remember "Pet-Rocks", "Turd-Birds", "Chia-Pets", etc.) and also, "how they sell". Its a art... learn it! (see the AIDA formula above.)

Second, get organized and consider a simple S-Corp structure, its easy and lower cost than an LLC or C-Corp, plus any tax loss is "passed through" to your taxes as a deduction! Get it?

Third, set-up a basic website to establish your business on the Internet. This may be you biggest cost to develop the website and hosting service.

Forth, begin marketing your product and service. Utilize the AIDA formula and Press Release guidelines to help get no cost publicity.

Now go build a business and take advantage of these 300+ tax deductions to save money!


Building Owners:

Save Over $50,000+ on Your Taxes with This Proven Strategy:

Virtually all big building owners use this tax-saving strategy, but surprising few smaller building owners have taken advantage of this big tax break... until now!

As a commercial building owner, you can save approximately $50,000 per $1 million of building value based on when you purchased the building and any additional improvement cost.

This proven tax strategy involves and IRS-approved "Engineer Building Study" that can reveal substantial tax savings. Plus, our engineering team will work with your CPA to provide a consistent evaluation based on your situation.

To learn more about this revealing Engineer Building Study and how you can save $50,000+, simply request more information - click here!


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